Key Word – Domain Names

With over 1,500 clients, we often get asked to sell their pre-loved generic domain name brands.

It’s a plain fact – not only does Google love generic domains just as much as consumers do – they rank better on their own (when done right) and save $$$ in ad spend.

Some of these have been owned by their respective owners for almost 20 years, so they’ve never been available for purchase before.

Recently with the addition of the shorter .nz domains being made available in the New Zealand domain space, the majority of these include both the and the .nz for brand protection.


  • .nz = includes the shorter .nz domain name, i.e. you can acquire both the and the .nz
  • W = includes optional sample web-site if wanted
  • ALL domains sold through us can have FIVE years FREE hosting if wanted


Very very rare Two Digit Numbered Domain Names,, etc

Finance and Insurance domain names

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Split payment options (no interest) available here.

Domain Includes Web-Site  Excl GST .nz & Car Plate $8,020 .nz $2,500 $1,500 $1,800 $2,300  W $2,000 .nz $1,800 .nz $600 .nz $1,100 .nz $595 .nz W $5,800 .nz $1,600 .nz $1,800 .nz $5,000 .nz $1,500 SOLD $1,500 $1,299 .nz $6,000 .nz $1,695 .nz $1,495 .nz $2,345 .nz $1,995 .nz $2,300 .nz $1,380 .nz $1,495 .nz W $3,395 $3,000 .nz $1,495 $4,000 .nz $450 .nz $3,888 .nz $1,795 .nz W $3,600 $7,995 .nz $295 $895 .nz SOLD .nz $1,895 .nz $495 .nz $595 .nz $1,200

To make an enquiry use this contact form.

All suggested pricing shown, is subject to additional GST.  On completion of an agreed price and payment being received, an appropriate tax invoice/receipt will be issued so you can account for the domain name in your business.

Nothing represented on this page constitutes an offer, we reserve the right not to sell any domain name shown.

If you have a domain name that you’d like included on these pages, our fee is 20% of the asking price.  Half of which, is payable up-front, to list the domain name(s), or they are transferred to our company entity – this ensures we get paid our 20%.  The traffic to this web-site is MASSIVE as the majority of the domains listed, point here.